Ratti chooses sustainable mobility

Mobility is an important issue in Ratti’s strategies of sustainable development. From January, we’ve been promoting innovative and eco-friendly ways of transport.

Various initiatives have been developed to favour home-work shifts of Ratti’s employees.


40 people involved – 8.946 kg CO2 emission savings – economic incentives, prizes and reserved parking


30 people involved – 506 CO2 emission savings – economic incentives, prizes and reserved parking


The corporate car fleet has been equipped with electric cars, at disposal of Ratti’s employees for business trips and work missions.

We have installed 5 charging points, that can be freely used by those employees who decide to purchase an electric or a plug in hybrid car.


From October, Ratti has augmented its offer of sustainable mobility thanks to an agreement

with ASF allowing to have a bus stop in front of the company. Furthermore, an agreement has been taken with Trenord to have annual subscriptions at a reduced price.

With this project,  Ratti is committed to giving a positive signal, not only to safeguard the environment, but also to make its employees aware of such issues. Indeed, employees receive special prizes and incentives on the basis of their commitment to choices going in the direction of sustainable mobility.