Textile as Art:
Antonio Ratti, Entrepreneur and Patron


An exhibition to celebrate Antonio Ratti

Ratti is glad to announce “Textile as Art: Antonio Ratti, Entrepreneur and Patron”: the exhibition celebrating the vision and activities of Ratti Company founder.

The exhibition, opening on Sunday October 1st 2017,  at Palazzo Te in Mantova,  examines the life and work of Antonio Ratti, the Como industrialist who created both an internationally recognised textile company and foundation, equating production and creativity in business with art and culture.
The exhibition is produced by the Comune di Mantova, the Centro Internazionale d’Arte e di Cultura di Palazzo Te, and the Museo Civico di Palazzo Te. It has been created in collaboration with the Fondazione Antonio Ratti and is curated by Lorenzo Benedetti, Annie Ratti, and Maddalena Terragni.

The exhibition intends to paint a portrait of this distinguished and elegant, multi-faceted and eclectic man who, by investing in the education of human resources and the valorisation of textiles as art, emphasized the quality of his textiles. High quality, experimentation and innovation are the defining characteristics that distinguish the work of Antonio Ratti. These characteristics are shown throughout the course of the exhibition by establishing a dialogue between Ratti’s textiles and the monumental rooms of Palazzo Te, which then continues into the exhibition spaces of the Fruttiere.
Thanks to the contribution of the architect Philippe Rahm, the exhibition shows textiles in their various forms: from the abundant Fondazione Antonio Ratti (FAR) collection of ancient fabrics to the vast archives of the Ratti company.
A part of the exhibition is dedicated to the history of the company whose identity is tied to the location of its production plant in the modern building in Guanzate, inaugurated in 1958, that aimed to create the ideal working conditions for maintaining the quality of the product in an ever expanding and dynamic world.


1.10.2017 – 7.01.2018
Palazzo Te, Mantova