Ratti fabrics for “Azioni Coreografiche”

“Cromatismi”, fabrics collection of Ratti – Carnet are the main characters of “Azioni coreografiche” performance, the exhibition held at Palazzo Te of Mantova on July 17th and 18th. The performance, overseen  by Virgilio Sieni – choreographer and dancer- is included in the project “La cittadinanza del corpo”.

This exhibition is interpreted by some dancers from  Virgilio Sieni Company alongside Mantova citizens and the inhabitants of the region. There are 16 scenes in the rooms and gardens of Palazzo Te, accompanied with original songs by Michele Rabbia, performed live by the musician. Each action is based on the inclusion of the other through the relation with the environment and fabrics. The public space then gets reinvented as a gym, containing exercises about the human beings, about cohabitation and about poetry, which leads to the body being rediscovered through searching of it, condivision of space and acceptance of each other.

The second edition of La Cittadinanza del Corpo, is promoted by Mantova City, organized by Palazzo Te – International center of Art e Culture and the Civic Museum, in collaboration with Virgilio Sieni Company, Mantova Foundation Capitale Europea dello Spettacolo and Regione Lombardia, together with Mantova Capitale di Cultura – Cult City.